World Brands Summit – 2016

Brands Academy is the only organization in India to offer an unparalleled platform to provide recognition and exposure to the efforts of organization, professionals and organizations in contributing towards the economic growth of the country and making the Indian youth more employable and generating employment for them. Remaining true to our vision and mission, we are organizing World Brands Summit 2016 at Dubai, UAE on April 11, 2016 in association with PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Most Trusted Brands in Asia & Leaders would be felicitated and recognized for their commendable work in Dubai UAE. The mega event is going to be a day summit and is poised to host the grandest brand festival involving Asian & GCC Brands in a celebration of Asia & GCC.

World Brands Summit 2016 is a unique platform to promote cross-cultural brand credibility, globally involving the brands and leaders from various Asian countries and Gulf countries brand project in print, portal and electronic media. World Brands Summit 2016 – Asia & GCC will be held as an Indo-UAE Summit in Dubai. The project involves brands and leaders of the most promising nations of Asia & GCC for business. Countries include Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, China and Bahrain. A total of 150 brands shall feature across 15 industry categories and 45 sub-categories. World Brands Summit 2016 is a platform to honor the excellence and exemplary achievements of Asians & Arabs who are true pioneers and leaders in their professional spaces. These awards are our humble initiative to acknowledge the leadership contributions of Asians, and 100 Leaders would be featured from the region.

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Benefits of exhibiting at the World Brands Summit 2015-16:

Mission statement

The World Brand summit is an independent international organization we believe in continuous interaction with peers and with the most knowledgeable people in the field (learning communities)committed to improving the state of the world by engaging leaders and followers in partnerships to shape regional and global agendas.

Vision- To reach the Global brands through brand activation, interactive and event-led brand platforms, concept based ,films, Television and innovative media